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Criminal Conduct

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It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes criminal conduct occurs inside not-for-profit community organisations. Criminal conduct means conduct that breaks a law where a criminal penalty can apply. 

Sometimes a certain action (or failure to act) can be both a crime and trigger rights to civil damages or compensation as well. 

Criminal conduct experienced by not-for-profits can include:

  • fraud
  • stealing and embezelling
  • criminal damage to property
  • assaults, including sexual assaults
  • stalking and harrasment
  • failures to report certain incidents such as child abuse, and others kinds of notifiable incidents (eg under work health and safety laws), and
  • traffic infringements.

If you suspect this is happening in your organisation, then things are getting serious and you need to know what to do.

If this is an emergency, call 000.

The following fact sheet outlines some steps and considerations to take if you suspect there is criminal conduct in your organisation:

Last Updated: 22 August 2017

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