Getting started

If you (and your group) have decided to start up a new not-for-profit organisation, thinking about legal issues from the start will impact the success and smooth progress of your organisation.
Getting started
Starting a not-for-profit group can be exciting and rewarding, but there are some important legal decisions to make along the way. Click on the picture to the left to view our introductory video.
The legal issues faced by the not-for-profit sector are unique, and this website is designed to provide legal information tailored for the not-for-profit sector. There are several key legal decisions that groups need to make when getting started, including:
  • whether to incorporate, and
  • the legal structure to choose.

There are also some important legal issues to think about when setting up like tax issues and insurance.

Getting these issues right at the start will save considerable time, money, administrative headaches and possible legal difficulties for your organisation down the track. The pages in this topic address the key issues to think about when getting started.
NEW To help you digest all the information about starting a not-for-profit, we have launched a new web application that will guide you though the key decisions that you need to make. The Framework below is free, and once completed will email you a tailored report about your organisation.
Alternatively, you can get a quick snapshot of the steps involved in choosing a structure and setting up by taking a look at our Decision Tree diagram